We give green light to Fensterbilder and his Blanco Amanacer EP (White Granite). Like the rock, the main track rests within itself, moves forward bit by bit, picks up momentum and spills out in a variety of circular timbres. The transmitted field of moods is calm to deep, affecting to restrained; everything is presented via multi layered synth pads. Many small industrial-like samples hide in the background and contribute to the dark ambience. We also encounter "Desliza" with wide atmospheres. This track with its large low frequency reverbs, which are located on drums and the synthesizer components, integrates itself into a structured sequence of loop-based rhythms. By comparison to the previous tracks, "Marmol" is more pulsating. There is a constant change of sounds that are guided by arpeggiator melody. The choice of percussion samples is reduced to the most necessary, which gives the composition a clarity. The EP tells a night's story; that's exactly where it should be played.

Fensterbilder - Blanco Amanecer

Pre order available soon. Out on 21st August


1 Fensterbilder - Blanco Amanecer

2 Fensterbilder - Desliza

3 Fensterbilder - Marmol

Catalog: WOUT094
Format: Digital
Release Date: 21st August 2020

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