The upcoming Wout release, composed and written by Alenor, reaches us with exactly the same energetic force as the sunrays of these days. With his "A Leaf Above The Clouds" EP we are enchanted and touched both emotionally and technically. The 4 Tracker starts with "Morgana" a twitching and raising bass machine that nobody can escape. It contains very tiny nuances of sound that give the track a lot of variety. "Why Don‘t You Talk To Me" is a bit more melancholic but then with slight hopeful phases, constricted by wild arpeggios. The title track "A Leaf Above The Clouds" is accompanied by choir-like voices, extended basslines and accurately positioned drums. Here classical structures are used, from slow build-ups to a rousing climax. Convinces us completely. "Peonia" is no less intoxicating, it is like a huge bouquet of flowers, countless colours in the form of loop-based melodies laugh at us. Alenor amusingly combines bass synths with long white noise that are alternately rhythmically triggered. Great EP!

Alenor - A Leaf Above The Clouds


1 Alenor - Morgana

2 Alenor - Why Don't You Talk To Me

3 Alenor - A Leaf Above The Clouds

4 Alenor - Peonia

Catalog: WOUT092
Format: Digital
Release Date: 31st July 2020

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