For the Wout Records release #91 we have a very special treat. Zaria is heartily welcome with the powerful and yet gentle “Sirius” EP. The main key of this 5-tracker are highly dynamic compositions carried piggyback by expressive electronic drums. The audience and dancefloorers will love the synths snippets that wander through the complete stereo field; deep basslines that force the feet to move and chord progressions that will give you long-lasting goose bumps. The tracks are intentionally structured, but still diversified and especially they surprise in various positions. The whole EP feels like hypnotic and impactful melodic trip, with constant growth and intense breaks. Most important reason for the release is that everything sounds fresh, there are some features that you have never heard before in this abstract combination and it will give a special momentum. Mila Journée was invited to disassemble the title track “Sirius” into small individual parts and reassemble them. Open synth lines with a lot of harmonics swirl around a hefty bass drum. Her remix goes forward, has many new elements without deviating too much from the original. Definitely a true highlight of our previous releases.

Zaria - Sirius


1 Zaria - Eigengrau

2 Zaria - Solitude

3 Zaria - Sirius

4 Zaria - Sirius (Mila Journée Remix)

5 Zaria - Final Form

Catalog: WOUT091
Format: Digital
Release Date: 20th July 2020

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