One thing is certain in uncertain times, there comes a phase of maximizing creative ouputs. The same is true for the next Wout Record release produced by Øntold and Yonder of Tomorrows. The "Apex" EP wave-like merges into two parts. With wide bass synths and an expressive kick "Climax" truly deserves its name. Over seven minutes long-winded pads develop into a beautiful sound meshwork; here and there chiptune sounds and noise effects pop up. Sophisticated and harmonious. Although somewhat darker in character, "In My Time Of Reach" fits into this overall style. Basic elements of the track are various shuffled arpeggios; sometimes with short, crisp attack times of the synth, sometimes with long, expressive soundscapes. The EP is a charismatic monster reflecting finest modern electronic music. Welcome to our label.

Øntold, Yonder Of Tomorrows - Apex


1 Øntold, Yonder Of Tomorrows - Climax

2 Øntold, Yonder Of Tomorrows - In My Time Of Reach

Catalog: WOUT090
Format: Digital
Release Date: 6th July 2020

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