From one day to the next our situations, feelings and thoughts can change so quickly and often randomly. Rosenna Samson brings as a wide spectrum of exactly this. “Moods” EP describes a never-ending journey of life, going through experiences and the complex up downs that every person faces as well as the modes of these experiences. “Just Seredipity” delves a little deeper into Rosenna Samson’s base of creativity with the help of Nadiah Mony. Lush expansive vocals over a groovy Rosenna Samson style drums complimented by crisp high-hats and a breakdown that leads the entire track into a new dimension. The lilting vocals and Nadiah’s amazing voice brings in complex harmonies that drives the overall production home anthem-style. Instead “Remember Us” takes us deeper on a more reflective story. It incorporates precise toms and cheeky sine synths that lead to you a destination welcomed but not expected. Constantly on this track we are reminded of the African dance elements that is Rosenna’s base for creativity while fusing some serious powerhouse saw leads that is his European influence. Dreamy strings and crisp percussion leads you deeper into a vibe of melancholy than is still based in techno. “Somewhere In The Next Universe” is another song of journey and of ups and downs and reconciliation of energy. High energy meets smooth melt in your mouth feel as all the instruments get their chance to show what they have got against the landscape of lush strings. The journey ends with “Acute Laws of Human” that describes exactly the custom and tradition we oppose and take on in our creative aspects. Melodic Techno typically describes a genre that easily categorized. With African rythms and using raw synths to mixed with mid toms leaves it closer to African house than traditional techno. It is much rather a painting pretty sounds and elements to be experienced for it’s musical variation and melodic harmony.

Rosenna Samson - Moods


Rosenna SamsonNadiah Mony - Just Serendipity

2 Rosenna Samson - Remember Us

3 Rosenna Samson - Somewhere In The Next Universe

4 Rosenna Samson - Acute Laws Of Human

Catalog: WOUT088
Format: Digital
Release Date: 8th June 2020

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