3 times the F of Fantastic… That’s how the 3 tracker by Arpow is best described. This Wout Records EP is all about the flow of melodies, deep synth sequences and captivating themes. “Flow” takes us on a journey through complex chords and dazzling arpeggiated harmonies. A delicate blend of synths, piano and drum sounds tuned to perfection. The current is also flowing in the more techno focussed “Flux”. Sub basslines accompanied by Arpow’s well known melodic arpeggiated synth sounds take you upstream to a higher state. The minimalistic percussion and drums make room for the depth of the sound to take over. The track “Flat” is far from flat in terms of movement. Analog styled synth sounds that modulates up and down give the track a hypnotizing feel. The distorted effect pads randomly introduce a pleasant vibe. More and more the signature sound of Arpow is being released. The love for the warm Moog styled sounds shines through in his music. This EP is for sure one to keep playlisted for a long time.

Arpow - Flow


1 Arpow - Flow

2 Arpow - Flux

3 Arpow - Flat

Catalog: WOUT087
Format: Digital
Release Date: 25th May 2020

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