Boing boom tschak… The next Wout Records EP is dedicated to the classic electro and will be presented to us by Feirn Laun. His 5 tracker “Fading Chain” explores a broad array of sounds, from the driving and floating “Antimony”, including its long basslines to the atmospheric and funky grooves of ”Gone Way”. In the center is always a crisp snare drum surrounded by clear percussions. Track 3 named “Path” features very long synth pads, driven by an TR808, and puts the listener into an endless construct of enjoyment. Detuned sound patterns with subtle voice snippets haunt you in "Purgatory"; everything elegantly arranged, filled with a sense of uncertainty. Quite appropriate for the current time frame. The EP ended with “Purple Dune” another straightforward use of oldschool drum machines and robotic arpeggiator synthlines next to minimalistic melodies and deep and wide basses. Definitely something for the continuous loop.

Feirn Laun - Fading Chain


1 Feirn Laun - Antimony

2 Feirn Laun - Gone Way

3 Feirn Laun - Paths

4 Feirn Laun - Purgatory

5 Feirn Laun - Purple Dune

Catalog: WOUT086
Format: Digital
Release Date: 4th May 2020

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