The “Discovery” by Mauro Renna is the next musical piece of art presented on our Wout Records EP series. For the listener, dancer, DJ there is a multi-faceted synthesizer explosion in three parts. “Spirit Rover” explores its boundaries between straight, reduced drums with subbasses, detuned synth-lines and longish, somewhat noisy and dreamy pads. The track carries a very high level of joy in itself that could be met with a grin. On the other hand, “Vega Flyby” is much more dramatic; with its profoundly seductive voice samples and the LFO modulated filters on the chords melodies. Mauro wraps up a number of emotions here that push forward. “Uruhu Lander” consistently progresses over 7 minutes, and sweeps anything that gets in its way. The basic structure is sustained by a characteristic percussion loop with striking high-hats and unisons which show many overtones harmonics. The artist has an trackable instinct for calm in-between sequences that slowly build up. We proudly acknowledge Mauro Renna with this EP in our Wout Records group.

Mauro Renna - Discovery


1 Mauro Renna - Spirit Rover

2 Mauro Renna - Vega Flyby

3 Mauro Renna - Uhuru Lander

Catalog: WOUT084
Format: Digital
Release Date: 6th April 2020

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