Wout Records 83 is dedicated to calm, intense and dense compositions. I7HVN’s Trine - Influx EP is an impressive 3 trackers whose individual tracks are actually closely intertwined. “Trine” features a 2-minute airy ambience intro which slowly but steadily turns into a melodic main part supported by assertive drums and characterized by an inner tension. Track 2 “Memories From The Future” shows several musical textures in correlation with an exciting groove, driven by a great low-end, in addition to an extensive work with the individual articulations of each sound to create a special piece of music. "Dreams Of Exploration" completes the set with the sharpening hinge on I7HVN’s EP, all closely wound beats and basslines, both designed for functionality but equally fascinating to the ear. The track stands out especially for its own dynamics, produced by long lasting calm intermediate phases. Here Wout Records presents another timeless release that triggers a magnetic field of positive emotions.

I7HVN - Trine - Influx


1 I7HVN - Trine

2 I7HVN - Memories From The Future

3 I7HVN - Dreams Of Exploration

Catalog: WOUT083
Format: Digital
Release Date: 23th March 2020

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