We expeditiously enter a new decade and present a solid compilation with our favourite homebase artists. Our musical collective now includes a worldwide network of independent producers. Their different cultural influences are manifold reflected in the second part of "Wout Stars". From expressive, bass-guided, drum-emphasized tracks to multi-layered melodic compositions up to state-of-the-art electronic music. Some tracks are designed for the dancefloor, some for after hours and some just for deep listening. An enveloping companion for all aspects of life. We love this complexity of sounds, feelings and thoughts; a classic figurehead of our label.

Various Artists - Wout Stars part II


1 Allies For Everyone - Allies Foot

2 Stanis - Fractal 

3 Como Sea - Alicia Never Lies

4 Rosenna Samson - Nostalgia

5 Mila Journée - All The Time

6 Eleven Of July - Annihilation

7 Aminition - Answerless Question

8 Arpow - Event Horizon

9 Rasch - Aleph

10 Redig - Syrup

11 Kadhem - Phula

12 Get Lost - Foc

13 Giorgi Kubaneishvili - The Color Of

14 ØXYR - Calarth 

15 Didaem - Varus

16 Lost Mind - Passenger

17 T_Pazos - Superego

18 Matze - Vectors

Catalog: WOUT080
Format: Digital
Release Date: 7th February 2020

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