A further release smashes again like a distorted bass drum. The "Perpetual" EP produced by Arpow comes with two originals. Arpow incorporates small textures into each track, which are not always noticeable at first hearing, but give the tracks a high degree of liveliness. Especially in "Perpetual" this vibrancy is clearly evident. The track changes several times over its entire length and becomes deeper and intenser. "Neuron Circuit" is the more melodic version of a techno track that always funtions at any time. From the beginning it goes strongly forward, drives, ties up and moves the legs. The hi-hats in combination with the very tight bassline as well as the synth elements give the final touch to the track. Dancefloor weapons!

Arpow - Perpetual


1 Arpow - Perpetual

2 Arpow - Neuron Circuit

Catalog: WOUT077
Format: Digital
Release Date: 8th November 2019

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