We get "Lost" completely in Michele Buran's new EP, the next solid release on Wout Records. The core of this EP around which everything revolves is the human voice. The basic structure of the track of the title "Lost At Sea" is carried by a huge kick, the noise is intertwined in the background. The main vocal theme stands out in the foreground, a male voice that brings goose bumps. "We are all prisoners in a musical dream". "Bringht" is involved in indigenous singing, rigorous synth arpeggios; all uplifting to a tonal explosion, where you are swept away by numerous positive emotions. We expect that "Down In Hell" will rotate heavily on every dance floor. The mood is gloomy; deep pads, sound sounds guide and free-spirited voice move this track to the end. It is essentially essentially a more mutant form of composition.

Michele Buran - Lost


1 Michele Buran - Lost At Sea

2 Michele Buran - Bringht

3 Michele Buran - Down In Hell

Catalog: WOUT075
Format: Digital
Release Date: 14th October 2019

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