It's been a while since Audiotrophe Ernährung's last great release on Wout Records; the happier we are for the upcoming 3 tracker. The "Mellotron" EP is a tonal retrospective of the early days of audio sampling with the well-known instrument Mellotron, which is regarded as the analogue prototype of a sampler. The today's digital emulation sound just as characteristic, warm, dirty and noisy; whose timbres form the synthetic core of the three compositions. "ARP 2602" captivates with breakbeat-like drums, rhythmic percussion and especially with deep bass synth. However, it's those glitchy voice snippets that make the track so vibrant. Two worlds collide in the title track "Mellotron": on the one hand the beauty of the Mellotron piano, on the other hand the characteristic acid sounds of electronic music. It is this extreme difference that harmonizes so thoroughly. "Sawtooth Tiger" walls up the whole EP with choral voices, Mellotron flutes and an 80' bassline. There are three very different, but highly effective tracks that are guaranteed to make their mark.

Audiotrophe Ernaehrung - Mellotron


1 Audiotrophe Ernaehrung - ARP 2602

2 Audiotrophe Ernaehrung - Mellotron

3 Audiotrophe Ernaehrung - Sawtooth Tiger

Catalog: WOUT074
Format: Digital
Release Date: 27th September 2019

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