Albums are always something special. They are more personal, more varied and allow deep glances into the soul of the artist. Therefore, it is a special honor for us to announce Giorgi Kubaneishvili’s next Wout Records album. This musical mesh with the haunting name “Electric Mist” encompasses a broad spectrum of state of the art electronic productions. The symbiosis of individual tracks, through focused mixing to a single masterpiece takes you on an exciting and memorable journey. Stylistically we wander between several end members; from in-depth, quiet, almost drumless ambient pieces over dubby-warm compositions with forceful beats all the way to synthesizer-loaded tracks and their lovely melodies. The center of all tracks form atmospheric sounds derived from long and low-frequency reverbs and above foremost slow tempo. It is the sinusoidal dynamic that has created the most delightful moments for the listener. We are really deeply touched by this album and are looking forward to the release this synthesis of art.

Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Electric Mist


1 Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Intro 514

2 Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Extraterrestrials

3 Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Panspermia

4 Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Bacteria

Giorgi Kubaneishvili - DNA

Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Dim Channels

Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Electric Mist

Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Bracewell Probes

Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Dubbed Theia

10 Giorgi Kubaneishvili - Arecibo Message

Catalog: WOUT072
Format: Digital
Release Date: 5th August 2019

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