Aminition and Wout Records want to present you the outstanding “Liquid Poison” EP as a musical breeze for this upcoming season. With the title track “Liquid Poison” Aminition proves an excellent feeling for alternating harmonies and being structurally conscious. It seems as if the synths communicate with each other; everyone has his place, everyone comes to word. The break beats in the center of the track stand out distinctly from this melody carpet. “Elements” combines pulsing basses with spoken word vocals and sharp drums. This composition is literally full of energy that wants to get rid of it. Wild, obviously live recorded synthlines give “1993” an unmistakable character and create an exciting dynamic atmosphere in harmony with soft arpeggios. The culmination we get with “Bohemian Sakura”. The track is divided into two parts; with a 3 minute calm warm-up phase up to a stompy kick oriented climax. All elements are perfectly set in scene. We are internally more than satisfied with this highly potential release.

Aminition - Liquid Poison


1 Aminition - Liquid Poison

2 Aminition - Elements

3 Aminition - 1993

4 Aminition - Bohemian Sakura

Catalog: WOUT071
Format: Digital
Release Date: 28th June 2019

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