After the first listen we knew that we had to release the next Como Sea EP on Wout Records. It is a masterpiece that sparkles both on musical and technical level. This 3 tracker EP is introduced by “Storm Riders”. It represents the dynamic climax of this amazing EP. Multi-layered ADSR filter modulations create a striking, eventful ambience and give the bassline an unmistakable character with a definite recognition value. This is exactly what you wish for summertime afterparties. In "The Easy Way To Malasia" the audience is kidnapped into a complex world of harmonically tuned synth sounds and graspy basses which are held together by a reduced use of thrilling electronic drums. “Space Between Us” focuses on a rather melancholic implementation of feelings; infectious minor chords that drives the groove along aided by bouncing bells. It makes you feel like you're floating.

Como Sea - Storm Riders


1 Como Sea - Storm Riders

2 Como Sea - The Easy Way To Malasia

3 Como Sea - Space Between Us

Catalog: WOUT068
Format: Digital
Release Date: 20th May 2019

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