Dinkis - Lo Specchio

Available now

It seems recognizable that Dinkis musical story goes into the next phase. Here we get the last chapter of his previous "New Light" EP.

“Lo Specchio” the long final chapter reveals it's about reflecting multitude of deep emotions. The main tracks, a characteristic 22 minute composition, is divided into five mutable emotional states which are also released as individual titles.

The first eponymous part (I: La Donna Soldato) is carried by an elegant piano melody, the track starts slowly, supported by quiet synthesizers and reverb-heavy snares. We slide unnoticed into the second subdivision (II: Scappare Nei Sogni) where singing voices represent an inner longing, as a struggling women, and you expect a melancholic ending, but Dinkis clearly finds another way.

He's fleeing into dreams (III: Dentro La Mia Mente). The strength returns, the notation becomes more serious and yet playful, as a form of confidence (IV: Sguardo Incantato). A manifest outward turn of his sensibilities. During the fifth part the listener even receives encouraging 80s arpeggios and broad chords.

A musical enchantment for the audience. The artist passed through a long dark tunnel and towards the end there is something bright like stars (V: Come Le Stelle), but the way leading to it was incredibly long. It is exciting to see how things will continue.

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