Mila Journée


Camila Canterle Jornada aka Mila Journée, a native of Santiago, RS, brought together the three pillars considered crucial in life, writing, having three published books, Biology (acts as a Biologist) and music (with creations in increasing tones of the electro. He considers life to be a work of art in which the creator is an artist of himself. Feeling the heart beat and the dermis shiver, are the fundamentals to produce music. Give in to art, free up the possibility of making a difference and make people happier. This is how the sound wave infiltrates the productions, both in writing and in music, because electronic music is a poetry interpreted in the way of each one, without limits. The main objective of his productions is to make the audience surrender in body and soul at a pace in which everyone seeks the same purpose: Forget the world and surf the waves of music.