Eleven Of July


His project took off in 2017, with the name that started to be seen on labels such as Suah, KDB, Natura Viva, Natura Viva Black, Awen Records, Kitchen Recordings etc. He has released four singles and four EP's in 2018, alone. Eleven Of July hit the Top 100 Melodic House & Techno Releases Chart on Beatport, entering the top 50 with “Bucephalus” (Suah). His dark and atmospheric melodic Techno has been already recognized and supported by artists like: Hollen, Locodice, Dubfire, Cattaree, Richard Cleber, Rache, &ME, Atlant, Andi Durrant, Las Von, Citizen Kain, Undercatt, Rafael Cerato and many more. By favoring the vinyl’s warmth, Eleven Of July expresses his art through both dreamy and magnetically dark melodies. Just like in his previous records, his Dj mixes mix different genres gracefully, affirming the idea that electronic music can be combined to create puzzles, always telling a unique, and different story.