Como Sea


Como Sea is the name of the duo, formed by Eric Calegari aka
Ros Lombard and Federico Petisce aka Vicent Reikz. Project born in the city of Milan, Italy, in the year 2014. Fusing their inclinations for musical styles, and their personal experiences, they decide to translate their ideas and produce, and play music
under this name. That gives them the possibility to exhibit their
music at different clubs in the Italian city, and around Europe. With various EP's and singles stamps on different labels of the
world, such as; DNC Limited (Italy), Us & Them (Greece), Keller (Germany), and others, the duo arrives to Barcelona, Spain. Deep bass and elaborate melodies, with own sounds, implemented on each of their tracks, with minimalist touches, always going to the underground sound, we can call their style as a melodic techno, although for them it is better to say progressive techno. With productions in downtempo, as well as some of higher BPM, and thanks to this variation, they have the opportunity to reach different audiences as well as different labels. Their tracks continuing in full growth. The last release took place on the renowned German record label Parquet Recordings, undoubtedly, a recognition for the music of the Italian-Argentinian duo. On their live performances, as well as on their podcasts"Como Sea Project" we can feel the versatility in the sessions, varied styles of music and different sounds, always maintaining a deep atmosphere, telling to us in each one, a different story.