Berlin-based music producer/DJ Audiotrophe Ernaehrung (AE) discovered his connection to music early in his childhood. Growing up with an intense love for different atmospheres, textures and sounds from all genres, he developed a deep respect for music and the amazing places it could take the mind, body & soul. Eventually, he would go on to get his first computer in 1994 and began to teach himself how to cut, sample, edit and mix for the very first time. His passion grew quickly. Over the years to follow AE would go on to refine his skillset and truly learn his craft in-depth, absorbing every minute of his available time into music. With an ear for music that carries significant impact, emotion, rhythm – AE collected EPs and LPs from all throughout history with an intense selection process that assured he spent his money on the very best of the best. Developing a massive catalogue of amazing music and his own signature-style as producer & DJ. Combining his intense knowledge & understanding of music and adapting to the scene around Berlin, Audiotrophe Ernährung has been electrifying audiences with Deep House & Tech House mixes that have authentic energy & emotion. Blending energetic 80’s music and deep melodic elements with precision transitions as sharp as his 

Audiotrophe Ernaehrung

music-selection is – Audiotrophe Ernährung creates entire atmospheres full of inspired electronic music guaranteed to make your mind move.