The strong collaboration between Twenty Pound and Wout Records results in the next incredible release. Twenty Pound's "Dunkler Rhythmus" EP clearly points in the direction of the origin of electronic music. The Kraftwerk influence is clear, but it's truly a beast of its own. This is especially evident in the track "De Paris", with its pervasive melody; a cocktail of stirring drums and emotional synths. “Dunkler Rhythmus” starts with a lot of pulsating energy and transforms into a deep sound that determines the mood for the whole track. It lives from a bumpy bass hook which drives the whole thing forward. “Wald” rounds out the package on a deeper, relentless perspective. The tempo change in the middle section of the track creates an enormous tension. Excellent toy for a dark long night in the club. We are convinced that this EP will continue to buzz around in the minds of the listeners for a long time to come.





1 - Twenty Pound - De Paris

2 - Twenty Pound - Dunkler Rhythmus

3 - Twenty Pound - Wald




Catalog: WOUT064

Format: Digital

Release Date: 17, December

Wout Records 2018