Our next release on Wout Records is here and ready to shake the World's dancefloors. Nobody less than Italian-based Michele Buran is delivering a real sound explosion with his new "Reasons" EP. The title track convinces with a multitude of abstract synthesizer sounds and crystal clear drums that intertwine over seven minutes. Combined with a slightly eerie note and a consistently straightforward emphasis, the four tracks offer hearty peaktime moments."Calipso" sneaks slowly forward through sinister synth clouds, driven by an endlessly modulating percussion sequence. "Whatever Happens" has more tech house flair, characterized by a warm bassdrum, flanked by swinging percussions and impressive voice samples. Dark and good. Alberth supplies a pleasantly inspired interpretation of “Reasons”. His remix is thoroughly Alberth: a soundscape develops such an impenetrable tonal density that it creates the pressure of a bassline. A huge EP that does not seek any connections and still trembles in the body long after the last note has faded away.





1 - Michele Buran - Reasons

2 - Michele Buran - Calipso

3 - Michele Buran - Whatever Happens

4 - Michele Buran - Reasons (Alberth Remix)




Catalog: WOUT061

Format: Digital

Release Date: 27, August

Wout Records 2018