After a huge bunch of awesome EPs, we are so delighted to release the next full album on Wout Records. Nobody less then Amin combined ten ethereal and beautiful pieces of his soul to create this release appropriately titled “The Path Toward Darkness”. Synthesizes storms are the central theme of the album which ranges between deep and sultry tech house topped off with a bit of melodic techno. Amin is an expert in generating powerful and intense melodies that will accompany the listener throughout each track. He was able to merge dark shaded atmospheres into expressive, bright moods which perfectly fit together. Almost all composition have been aimed for the dancefloor and for different periods of the night. Wout Records is in love with each track and we are confident that you will enjoy every second of Amin’s masterpiece.





1 - Amin - The Endless Beginning

2 - Amin - Pegaso

3 - Amin - Mörker

4 - Amin - Avances

5 - Amin - A Path Full Of Dangers

6 - Amin - Furaha

7- Amin - Saoirse

8 - Amin - Vega

9 - Amin - Lost In A Moment

10 - Amin - Amin Straße




Catalog: WOUT060

Format: Digital

Release Date: 15, June

Wout Records 2018