For our next Wout Records release, we could catch the Italian duo Como Sea. “Flashing Nights” forms the core of the EP supported by 3 fabulous remixes. The original version is a modern deep house composition, containing warm synth lines, long evolving pads and crispy clap sounds; the ideal track to step into a long night. Due to a stronger kick, further drum elements and a slightly faster tempo HedUbble’s remix appears more powerful than the original. Michelle Anullo have pushed “Flashing Nights” into a darker corner. He added murmuring effects to the background which gives a whole new feeling to the track. The final remix is done by Veitha. His awesome rework lives from the piano parts, additional violin sequences and voice fragments. Wout Records is very proud to present this electronic firework.





1 - Como Sea - Flashing Nights

2 - Como Sea - Flashing Nights (HedUbble Remix)

3 - Como Sea - Flashing Nights (Michele Anullo Remix)

4 - Como Sea - Flashing Nights (Veitha Remix)




Catalog: WOUT052

Format: Digital

Release Date: 22, January

Wout Records 2018