Wout Records proudly presents its fourth vinyl release. Various artists “X” contains five of the most outstanding Wout artists. “The World From Denise's Eyes” by Michele Anullo & Veitha is an emotional tech house exploration between synth driven melodies and crystal clear drums. The composers have built in a classy melodic bass with an enormous engaging touch. Giuseppe Bottone brings us closer to the techno edge with his track “Desiccant”. You will dive into a world of synthetic drones, surf on rough clap sounds and get enchanted by electronic structures. The track is made of an overwhelming deep atmosphere. “Goodbye My Hero” demonstrates Alvise Torrisi’s abilities for producing tracks with long intros, thoughtful synth pattern and increasing dynamic. Especially, the melody is a breath-taking beauty of music… definitely another anthem for the summer. David Di Sabato’s “Never Night On The Moon” is much more reduced in sounds compared to the other tracks of this release, which induced a fine balance of trippy atmospherical rhythmics, raw dancefloor energy and sound design. W004LTD bridges the gap between state-of-the-art techno, melodic techno and tech house. We can't wait for playing this record.





A1 - Michele Anullo, Veitha - The World From Denise's Eyes

A2 - Giuseppe Bottone - Desiccant

B1 - Alvise Torrisi - Goodbye My Hero

B2 - David Di Sabato - Never Night On The Moon




Catalog: W004LTD

Format: Vinyl 12"

Release Date: 16, July

Wout Records 2018